Te Amo Camila Vallejo

When tear gas falls and bullets fly
I'm going to stay right by your side
The police push and you just smile
They could never match your style
All winter we will march
By spring this town is ours
Oh Camila
You have a fire in your heart
They tried to say this was impossible
But I know you'll prove them wrong
Oh Camila
You have the people in your palm
They're overflowing in the plaza
Here to sing your rebel song
Assassins stalk and insults fly
I know you're not afraid to die
And when I look into your eyes
I know that now neither am I
Hear the cacerolazos start
Banging down the boulevard
Oh Camila
Now the future is on the way
The workers are resisting
And the students chant your name
Oh Camila
We've been saving for today
Let me carry your umbrella
Let's go walking in the rain
Oh Camila
You put a fire in my heart
I don't know what's going to happen
But I want to do my part
Oh Camila
If it all goes up in flames
Once the lies and greed and fear burns out
The truth is what remains, remains, remains


The Underground Man

You were calling out from the underground
You had lots of big ideas but no one can hear them now
They riddled you with guilt
They tempted you with wealth
They twisted all your word
They made you hate yourself
So now you do your shtick, a loyal patriot
And you toe the party line even though it makes you sick
They gave you talking points
They taught you double-speak
They forced you into war
By saying you were weak
They signed your checks, tip, they had you in the bag
They scared you blind then draped you in a flag
Made you a man, Ft. Bragg
You'll do good business as an apologist
If you exaggerate their facts, if you perpetuate their myth
They made activism trite
They made honor optional
They made propaganda news
They made science radical
They pulled your teeth, tip, you smiled and agreed
They slit your throat and buried you at sea
All for the land of the free