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There’s a carousel horse that’s in the living room of my house. It’s from an old amusement park in Omaha, which has long been torn down. They used to be in my grandparents’ house in their basement. When we were kids, we would always sit on it, and it has an 80 pound weight limit, by the way, so if you come to my house, don’t try to get on it. A lot of people [try to get on it] when they’re drunk. But it was in [my grandparents’] house, and then, when they sold their house, my dad took it out of there. When I finally bought my [own] house, my dad surprised me and put it up in my living room when I was out of town. I think that’s probably my favorite material possession I have.

Conor Oberst Marketplace interview.

I’ve never conceptualized much of what I write about. Maybe, once I’m onto something, I’ll conceptualize a finished record. I want the songs to tie together and make sense together. I’m not like, „Oh, I want to explore this idea.“ That’s just not how the creative process works for me. It’s more like something strikes me, or finds me, and then I wrestle with it after that. I don’t sit back in my armchair, like, „What kind of philosophy can I explore today?“

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„Salutations“ ist ein unaufgeregtes Statement. Wunderschön und warm. Beeindruckend unbeeindruckt.

Salutations Kritik in der Mittelbayrischen.